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Blockchain, Machine Learning Top Emerging Jobs Report

LinkedIn's annual Emerging Jobs report, online here, is dominated by machine learning-related positions and led by the blockchain.

Blockchain developer is the No. 1 position on the report, with 33x growth over the past year. It didn't place on the 2017 report -- that's how fast it's climbing.

Many of the top 15 jobs are related to machine learning, data and AI, including machine learning engineer at No. 2, machine learning specialist at No. 4 and machine learning researcher at No. 15.

The complete top 15 list is here:

  1. Blockchain Developer (33X growth)
  2. Machine Learning Engineer (12X growth)
  3. Application Sales Executive (8X growth)
  4. Machine Learning Specialist (6X growth)
  5. Professional Medical Representative (6X growth)
  6. Relationship Consultant (5.5X growth)
  7. Data Science Specialist (5X growth)
  8. Assurance Staff (5X growth)
  9. Sales Development Representative (4X growth)
  10. Business Support Consultant (4X growth)
  11. Solar Power Consultant (4X growth)
  12. Administrative Assistant (4X growth)
  13. Background Investigator (4X growth)
  14. Machine Learning Researcher (4X growth)
  15. Data Science Manager (4X growth)

 "Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here to stay," LinkedIn Chief Economist Guy Berger commented in the report's introduction. "No, this doesn't mean robots are coming for your job, but we are likely to see continued growth in fields and functions related to AI. This year, six out of the 15 emerging jobs are related in some way to AI, and our research shows that skills related to AI are starting to infiltrate every industry, not just tech. In fact, AI skills are among the fastest-growing skills on LinkedIn, and globally saw a 190 percent increase from 2015 to 2017."

Posted by Becky Nagel on 01/09/2019