Solving today's technology issues
and highlighting tomorrow's innovations

Converge360 is the leading B2B media and marketing solutions provider of today's most important technology issues and the go-to source for tomorrow's technology innovations.

Our Mission

Converge360's mission is to apply its unique technology, knowledge, and industry expertise to identify and deliver qualified buyers for its customers seeking sales enablement and revenue growth. We ensure our clients' objectives are met through superior audience, data, marketing and content execution.

What We Do

Why Converge360?

Converge360 brings together cutting-edge technology with traditional media roots by leveraging 25+ years of technology-industry content development with a powerful prediction-intelligence platform. This layered approach allows us to produce industry-leading results for our clients, outshining our competitors.

What Makes Us Different

We are the leading B2B content provider of today's most important technology issues and the go-to source for tomorrow's technology innovations. We have launched more than 60 tech media properties. We have served 350,000+ live event attendees. We have launched more than 50 print magazines. We have launched hundreds of Web sites and 1,000+ newsletters. We have employed hundreds of tech writers, editors and designers. We have 14 million pages of published content and counting. We employ superior research experts.

How We Execute

  • We utilize our deep understanding of the tech industry.

  • We employ our in-house prediction algorithms to gain insight into the market.

  • We provide scalable marketing solutions and outreach.

Diverse Offerings Infused with Cutting-Edge Technology

  • Demand Gen

    We have a wide variety of demand-generation options to support our customers’ client acquisition strategies. Whether you're looking for standard content syndication, a multi-filter BANT program, editorial webcast or custom-content piece, Converge360 has the expertise and audience to fulfill your IT, developer and channel needs.
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  • Content-Driven Event Production

    Our live events are some of the most respected and long-standing in the industry because of the independent lens we put on a variety of issues affecting IT and development professionals. The content is driven by leading industry experts, many of whom also write for our media publications, drive our research initiatives and consult on our custom content.
  • Research

    Converge360 offers two channels of research, Converge360 Research for the fast moving IT ecosystem and Redmond Intelligence for the complex Microsoft ecosystem. Our network analysts work with you to identify technology direction and furnish authoritative reports for your distribution.
  • A Complete ABM Solution

    Prophyts Is Predictive ABM + Predictive Named Accounts + Marketing Engagement: Our patent-pending algorithm identifies companies early in the buyer journey that are predicted to purchase a solution in your product category. With Prophyts, you'll reach tomorrow's buyers today.
  • Media

    We keep technology executives, managers, and working professionals current with the expert insight, analysis, and cutting-edge information they need to succeed in the developer, IT, and channel worlds. We offer our advertisers deep editorial and market knowledge, as well as a comprehensive audience database.
  • Emerging Technology

    From artificial intelligence, machine learning, Internet of Things and blockchain, to 5G, robotics, edge computing and quantum, we cover the next generation of IT and development within all of our products, but we're also launching new media focused solely on the skills of tomorrow, like our new site, Pure AI. Please stay tuned here to see what's next.

Contact Us

We'd love to chat. E-mail us or call us at 949-265-1557.


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