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From cloud technology and edge computing to artificial intelligence and machine learning, the Microsoft ecosystem is moving at a blistering pace. Your customers and prospects need clear guidance on some of the key architecture and directional questions for how to proceed. That's why we're proud to offer actionable research and intelligence reports from our network of authoritative Microsoft experts, including Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) and other recognized and respected thought leaders.

Our Offerings


    Our flagship offering, a Redmond Intelligence Research Report, is a thought- leadership piece of research by one of our expert analysts on a central technology question involving Microsoft platforms. These in-depth reports run from 10 to 20 pages, providing original research on all angles of an important topic and may also include surveys of Converge360’s massive audience of engaged Microsoft administrators, partners and developers.

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    Leverage our analysts’ knowledge and experience with a Redmond Intelligence Best Practices Report. These five- to eight-page reports cover the best choices IT administrators or developers can make on a narrow technology question involving the Microsoft stack. The finished product consists of five to 10 concrete, actionable tips, with explanations and instructions backed by real-world knowledge.

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    Have an expert take a look at the purpose, functionality, intended configurations and market positioning of your product in neutral detail. While not a product review, this four- to six-page report provides independent validation of the need for the product. Or choose our "vendors eyes only" version that provides a confidential critique of the product and recommendations for the feature roadmap.

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    Redmond Intelligence analysts are the foremost authorities on Microsoft-related questions. And there's no substitute for a one-on-one session to get actionable insights on the specifics of your complicated technology issues and decisions. Get expert guidance on architectural choices, platform directions and other questions. Our analysts are available by phone or in-person and on-site at Visual Studio Live!, TechMentor or Live! 360 events.

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  • Readiness Assessment

    Our expert analysts develop an in-depth survey-style assessment on a topic of interest, like a Windows, Office 365 or Azure migration, and we distribute the assessment to our topic-engaged audience. The respondent takes the assessment, and will receive a detailed report explaining how to interpret their score and the next steps to take in their technology readiness process. You sponsor the assessment and take away intelligent leads.

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“Redmond Intelligence will be the premier source of original research on Microsoft, its technologies and their implementation in the enterprise.”


Andrew Brust

Founder and CEO, Blue Badge Insights

Andrew Brust is the founder and CEO of Blue Badge Insights. He advises data and analytics ISVs on winning in the market, solution providers on their service offerings, and customers on their analytics strategy. He writes about Big Data for ZDNet and co-chairs the Visual Studio Live! series of developer conferences. Brust is an entrepreneur, a consulting veteran, and a current Microsoft Regional Director and MVP.

Brian Randell

Partner, MCW

Brian A. Randell is a partner with MCW Technologies LLC. For more than 20 years, he's been building software solutions and educating teams on Microsoft technologies via writing and training -- both in-person and on-demand. He’s also a consultant for worldwide companies of all sizes including Fortune 100 companies like Microsoft. Randell is a passionate software craftsman who still enjoys coding as he helps teams to improve their processes from idea to shipping to production management and monitoring. He's currently a Visual Studio MVP and co-author of "Professional Application Lifecycle Management with Visual Studio 2013" from Wrox Publishing.

Rockford Lhotka

CTO, Magenic

Rockford Lhotka is the CTO of Magenic, and is the creator of the widely used CSLA .NET development framework. He's the author of numerous books on software development, and regularly speaks at major conferences around the world. Lhotka is a Microsoft Regional Director and MVP. Magenic is a company that specializes in planning, designing, building and maintaining your enterprise’s most mission-critical systems.

Vishwas Lele

CTO, Applied Information Sciences

Vishwas Lele serves as CTO at Applied Information Sciences Inc. (AIS). He's responsible for assisting organizations in envisioning, designing, and implementing enterprise solutions related to cloud and mobility. Lele brings close to 28 years of experience and thought leadership to his position, and has been with AIS for 23 years. A noted industry speaker and author, he serves as the Microsoft Regional Director for Washington, D.C., and is currently an Azure MVP.

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