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A trusted source for editorial-based Web sites covering IT/developer/channel news and analysis. Engaged readers become your high-quality leads, driving ROI.

Why Our Demand Gen?

We have the content, editors, contributors and community, making Converge360 your most powerful partner throughout your buyer’s journey. We attract your buyers through high-quality, strategically driven enterprise technology content by working with hundreds of tech editors and expert contributors whose pinpointed expertise attracts true purchase intent.

It's All About Community

Converge360 has a community of readers who trust our editorial-based Web sites as the source of their IT/developer/channel news and analysis. These engaged readers attend our Webinars and download our clients' white papers and end up as higher-quality leads than from lead-generation providers who don’t provide content.

  • The right editorial Web site content from our brands like Redmond, Virtualization & Cloud Review and drives the right readers.

  • These readers are highly qualified IT, developer and channel decision makers.

  • These readers serve as the best source of high-quality sales leads for your team.


  • Targeted Promotion

    Standard Content Syndication

    You supply your PDF-based asset or on-demand Webinar and we'll promote to our community of readers. Filters and custom questions available. Programs on a per-lead basis.

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  • Content Creation

    Custom Content Syndication

    Our experts work with your team to develop the right piece of content to promote your product or service to our audience. Programs include development of asset and lead generation.

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  • Leads with Predictive Insight

    Leads Powered by Prophyts

    Every Converge360 demand-gen program is run through our Prophyts algorithm, giving predictions and the categories in which the lead companies are predicted to purchase.

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  • Engage with Your Audience


    Live event hosted by Converge360: You provide speakers and content, we provide platform, registrations and moderator. Each Webinar comes with a registration guarantee.

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  • Industry-Expert Support


    Similar to our hosted Webinar, except we provide one of the speakers for the event. We will contract with an industry expert to help tell your story.

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  • Tell Your Story


    A Webinar developed by our editorial team that's real edit. You sponsor the Webinar, get branding visibility and all generated leads. Highest-quality leads due to our readers' affinity for our editorial products.

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The Buyer’s Journey

  • This is Joe, and he's on a journey. A buyer's journey. Joe knows that his company is depending on him big time to deliver the right enterprise computing solution.

  • Joe knows that he has a huge task before him, so he starts with research. He reads tons of content online. Joe is thrilled with the quality of the information.

  • Joe's reading habits get noticed immediately. He's getting close to making some decisions on his purchase intent, and his research forms the basis of helpful data and targeted marketing outreach.

  • Joe and his computing solution partner are now connected! Everybody is happy, especially Joe's bosses. Joe's journey has come to an end, but his job has not, therefore he will continue to consume content and remain on the lookout for your solution.

Be a part of Joe's journey.
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