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From cloud technology to virtualization, to storage and backup to the most cutting edge technology like SDN, HCI, AI and IoT, the IT ecosystem is moving at a blistering pace. Your customers and prospects need clear guidance on some of the key architecture and directional questions for how to proceed. That's why we're proud to offer actionable research and intelligence reports from our network of authoritative experts and recognized and respected thought leaders.

Our Offerings


    Leverage our analysts’ knowledge and experience with a Converge360 Research Best Practices Report. These five- to eight-page reports cover the best choices IT administrators or developers can make on a narrow technology question.. The finished product consists of five to 10 concrete, actionable tips, with explanations and instructions backed by real-world knowledge.

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    Have an expert take a look at the purpose, functionality, intended configurations and market positioning of your product in neutral detail. While not a product review, this four- to six-page report provides independent validation of the need for the product. Or choose our "vendors eyes only" version that provides a confidential critique of the product and recommendations for the feature roadmap.

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  • Readiness Assessments

    Our expert analysts develop an in-depth survey-style assessment on a topic of interest, like a hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) project or an SD-WAN implementation, and we distribute the assessment to our audience. The respondent will receive a detailed readiness assessment report explaining how to interpret their score and the next steps to take in their technology readiness process. You sponsor the assessment and take away intelligent leads.

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