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From Converge360, the leading emerging tech publisher of PureAI.com and IoTDev360.com, the Future Tech Insights blog offers updates on the technology that will shape our future, including artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, machine learning, quantum computing, edge computing, blockchain and robotics.

Is 5G Being Underestimated?

According to a new survey by Accenture of 1,800 executives and IT decision makers in mid-size and large businesses in 10 countries, most of them said that they think that 5G will enable "very few" things that can't already be accomplished, and only 37 percent, or two in five executives, say they "expect 5G to bring a 'revolutionary' shift in speed and capacity."

And while 70 percent said they believe that 5G will give them an edge with their customers, 72 percent said they need help "imagining the future possibilities and use cases" that come with 5G.


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Blockchain, Machine Learning Top Emerging Jobs Report

LinkedIn's annual Emerging Jobs report, online here, is dominated by machine learning-related positions and led by the blockchain.

Blockchain developer is the No. 1 position on the report, with 33x growth over the past year. It didn't place on the 2017 report -- that's how fast it's climbing.


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New USB Aims To Bring Neuro-Biological Architecture Forward

Intel is working on a USB form factor, codenamed "Kapoho Bay," that interfaces with "Loihi," the company's neuromorphic research chip system. Together, they will provide the Loihi system with access to peripherals, an important step in achieving an architecture for mainstream computing.

Government, corporate and academic research groups are currently part of Intel's neuromorphic project, the goal of which is to "tackle the challenges facing the adoption of neuromorphic architectures for mainstream computing applications," while using the Loihi chip as a "focal point," the company said.


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Report: Global Mobile Robotics Market To Reach $54.1 Billion by 2023

Chicago, Ill-based Markets and Markets recently released a report projecting that the mobile robotics market will reach a value of $54.1 billion worldwide by 2023, up from 2018's estimated $18.7 billion.

The growth includes both industrial and personal robots, plus industrial and military applications of robotic technology, as well as sensors, components and operational equipment.


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Quantum Computing News: New Dynamic Decoupling Performance Method, Q# Update, Quantum Hype?, More

In just the past month or so, a number of interesting developments and insights in the realm of quantum computing have come to light. Following are some of the standouts.


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Placing a Bet on Blockchain

Blockchain transaction processing is usually associated with the Bitcoin cryptocurrency but with the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling in May that now allows states to legalized sports betting, the technology could be coming to a bookie near you.

A report from San Francisco-based Grand View Research predicts the global blockchain technology market will reach $7.59 billion by 2024 as it expands to include companies offering services in the gig economy but also kicking off into sports betting.


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